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ur momma jokes
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ur momma jokes

Here r some jokes and some of ur momma jokes!!!

       Ur momma jokes
1. Your Mom is so ugly, she has to pay her pillows to sleep with her!
2.Your mom is so ugly that when she was a baby she was fed with a slingshot.
3.Your Mom is so ugly , when she was a baby they had to tint the windows on the incubator!
4.Your Mom is so ugly, she goes to beach and the ocean won't even wave at her.
5.Your Mom is so ugly when robbers broke in she yelled rape, they yelled NO!!
6.Your Mom is so poor that her TV only has two channels. ON AND OFF
7.Your Mom is so poor, for Christmas she gave you a video of other people having Christmas.
8.Your Mom is so poor she got married for the rice.
9.Your Mom is so poor that when I saw her walking down the street wearing just one shoe, I asked her "Hey, did you lose a shoe?". She said "No, I found one!"
10.I saw your mom on channel 7, and when I changed to channel 25 you could still see her butt sticking out
11.Your mom is so fat that when she wears high heels 2 hours later they are flip flops
Your mom is so fat her picture fell down
13.Your Mom is so fat she walked by the TV and I missed three episodes.
14.Your mom is so stupid she tried to climbed over 50 walls. when she climbed over the 47th wall, she got tired, and climbed back
15.Your mom is so stupid, when the doctor told her she had to take a pregnancy test, she asked how long she had to study


hey i know this is the funniest site EVER!!!!